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10 things you use every day and had no idea were invented by Germans

Ian Burt Archant Antiques, collectables, Steiff teddy bears and locally-produced alcohol will be the stars of a Norfolk Day celebration at a popular visitor attraction. Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. The business hub, which attracts thousands of people each year from across Norfolk and further afield, is owned by David Clark and his family.

To celebrate Norfolk Day, Beers of Europe, which attracts 60, customers each year and trades worldwide, will be holding a free Norfolk beer and Norfolk gin tasting day from 9am-6pm. There will also be an antique and flea market throughout the day. The Steiff Shop, which has the largest collection of Steiff teddy bears and animals in East Anglia, will have an expert on hand to guide people through the collection and answer any questions from 9am-6pm.

Steiff Vintage Mecki. Dating from Ca ‘s, this is a nice example of the cute Mecki. He stands 10 inches (26cm) tall. Made of felt with a vinyl head, he is in good aged condition, and still has his original label, plus his Steiff metal button and cloth tag on his sleeve.

I am now honored to reach out to the collectors and owners of unidentified bears, stuffed animals and vintage toys. Ken did this for years and was an expert appraiser. I was his understudy or apprentice and together we viewed and enjoyed each and every request that came our way. Appraising bears online will be a fun adventure for all of us.

We will share our discoveries here on this web page. Meeting new faces, in teddy bear form, and sharing the knowledge I have gathered, will be a joy. Together we can discover that everything old can be newly appreciated! Beary best, How much is your beloved bear worth? See below for details on the appraisal procedure. Hi Brenda We have another sweet bear for your eyes. We believe is a Merrythought? Not sure of the age and we purchased it in The bear is The face and nose are well preserved, with overall thinning arresting to his companionship qualities!

Steiff Lena Lamb

For over a century, this has remained the Steiff motto. Margarete Steiff designed her first soft-filled fabric toy animal, an elephant made of felt, and began the family business. Margarete’s nephew Richard Steiff studied art in Stuttgart and brought a heightened sense of realism to Steiff designs. In , Steiff created the 55PB, a mohair plush bear that is the basis for the modern Teddy Bear we know today.

In , Clifford Berryman, a well-know cartoonist for the Washington Post, made popular a caricature little bear with American president Theodore Roosevelt:

Annie is a rather adorable ” Steiff bear, dating to around She has pretty good mohair coverage for a lady of almost years old! Sadly she lost her Steiff button many years ago, but even worse than that, she lost her right arm as well!

Source Famous for their “Knopf im Ohr” or “Button in Ear,” Steiff bears and animals have been collected around the world for over years. Started in , the Margarete Steiff Toy Company has prided itself on making high quality stuffed toys for children of all ages. Their collection is made up of every animal imaginable, cartoon characters, pull toys and a myriad of other collectibles. Not bad for a child’s toy. Most Steiff animals are fairly easy to identify; however, it gets harder as the pieces age since they tend to lose some of their identifiers.

Many older pieces are missing the iconic “button in ear” because parents took them out as a safeguard for their children. The paper chest tags disappear quite easily too. If you have some old stuffed animals or toys packed up and are not sure if they are Steiff or not, there are three different identifiers that can help you figure it out. Check the ear or another part of the body if the animal has no ear for a small hole.

That is an indication that there was a button in it at one time. Check the chest to see if there is a piece of string which suggests that a chest tag was once attached. Check online resources and auction houses. You may find something that resembles your toy.

Steiff prices

Ambrosia’s Vintage and Antique Teddy Hospital There are any number of vintage dating from the s for teddies and antique dating from the s teddies out there! Many are found in lofts, others have had amazing adventures, and others are being passed down the generations. Due to their age, many bears need to be repaired or restored, and Ambrosia particularly loves this sort of work! She can fix old joints, add growlers amd squeakers, add new pads and eyes, and will always do her very best to maintain the original character of the teddy.

Please have a look at the wonderful vintage and antique bears which have already been treated by Ambrosia and her friends at the hospital. Ambrosia has had friends come to her from all over the world:

Hermann Spielwaren Little Starlight Swarovski Teddy Bear from Mr. & Mrs. Claus Limited Edition Teddy Bears by Steiff. Mrs. Claus Limited Edition Teddy Bear by Steiff. Baby Puddin a lovely European cute and cuddly festive bear dating to .

Curved paws with felt pads Rounded thighs and heels with pointed toes Stuffed with excelsior The German Antique Bear ca. There may be just two left in circulation today. Bear 55 PB , which wasn’t a great success, was the first stuffed bear designed with moveable joints held together with string. Early Steiff bears had distinguishable characteristics, the most desirable are those made with cinnamon or white mohair.

He added that every seventh bear of the earliest bears , were made with a hand-sewn seam down the middle. First bears named Bear PB 55 P for plush, B for Beweglich or moveable Metal button pegged into left ear, made from brass, iron, nickel-plated and in limited editions, gold beginning in Cloth ear tags sewn into the chest area include “Steiff Original” as well as “Made in Germany” or “Made in US-Zone Germany” in white, red, beige or yellow. Oldest bears made from mohair, onward, synthetic fiber.

Steiff Teddy Bears. Newark, Nottinghamshire, England.

Collecting teddy bears has been a lifelong passion for me. My father bought me my first teddy when I was 3 weeks old, as a gift for my first Christmas. The bear was named Joshua by my parents and he can be accredited with starting my teddy bear collection!

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By Mary Barile Antique Appraiser Price guides are listings of values for items – how much something sold for or may be expected to sell for. Such guides provide a starting point for determining the value of a particular item , but you need to understand how they work and how to use them if you want to get the most out of what the guides offer. All Types of Antiques A good guide will explain how it calculated the values, and it will be as recent as possible check to see when the website was last updated.

Prices may come from auctions, shows, or other dealers, and may vary widely. In fact, one source alone does not give a true value. Auction prices may be too high because of a bidding war.

Diary of a Bear Addict

A collection of antique enamel silver cases coming up for auction on 10th January January is often a lean time in auction rooms with few goods around to service the high demands from collectors eager to get the year under way. Plymouth Auction Rooms are again bucking the trend by hosting a sale of lovely jewellery, rare and vintage watches and collectable silver.

The evening sale on 10th January features several interesting silver collectables including a novelty pair of Edwardian silver and enamelled sugar nips in the The John Speed Map coming up for auction on 7th March

Hasman recently restored a Steiff bear for Olive, and among the next batch of bears Hasman will repair is a bear dating from Hasman said the time it takes to repair a bear varies wildly.

We’d be happy to introduce you to your next teddy bear treasure! Here’s a partial list of what we have to offer. If you don’t find what you want, let us know Most of our trade is based on availability. Because our bears are so rare and mainly collectors pieces, availability of old and antique models only happens periodically. Where we quote prices, these are based on what collectors our ourselves requested at that time, and may not reflect what bears are worth today.

How to Identify Steiff Bears

Mr Greenwood’s lawyer said the sale of the collection of more than 1, cuddly toys – of which 10 per cent are highly prized Steiff teddy bears ‘had been approved by the receiver and would be taking place shortly’. Multi-million pound properties, a horse farm, cars and the Steiff teddy bears were among items bought by the duo. He is due to be sentenced in December and faces up to 85 years in prison. However, his collection of Steiff stuffed toys, which are made from mole hair and known for their durability, is thought to be among the world’s most extensive and spans the German company’s year history.

Christie’s is expected bidders to fly into London from all over the world, including the United States an Asia, for the auction on Wednesday.

Steiff is a German-based plush toy was founded in by Margarete Steiff, who was later assisted by her brother Fritz.. The toys began as elephants, and were originally a design Steiff found in a magazine and sold as pincushions to her friends. However, children began playing with them, and in the years following she went on to design many other animal-themed toys for children.

Many things such as Mercedes cars and Bosch washing machines are recognised around the world but here are 10 everyday items you didn’t even realise were German. DPA In line with the the country’s reputation for order, it seems natural that this organisational tool came from Germany. He also invented the corresponding hole-punch. The teddy bear Steiff teddy bear. DPA It’s hard to imagine a world without the classic bear shaped soft toy, but it only came into being at the start of the 20th century.

The Steiff bear is still recognisable around the world for the yellow tag and ‘Knopf im Ohr’, meaning button in ear. Her first venture into stuffed toys was an elephant pincushion which was such a success that her company quickly began producing other animals and soon moved into automated production to meet demands. Her nephew Richard Steiff studied at the Stuttgart School of Applied Arts and in he created the iconic ‘Bear 55 PB’ which was the world’s first plush bear with moveable arms. They were inspired by a cartoon of President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt in which he refused to shoot a tied up bear on a hunting trip.

The president gave permission to the Mitchoms to use his name for the toy, thus the Teddy bear was born. Flexible plastic contact lens.

Steiff – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

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