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In this section we’ll do some further exploration of the Craftsman series tools, without regard as to whether a comparable New Britain example happens to be available. The Craftsman branded socket tools were hugely successful and are generally easier to find than their New Britain counterparts. The socket construction is cold-broached with a relieved area below the broaching, with tapered upper walls and a wider base to maintain adequate wall thickness. The base has a band of finely cross-hatched knurling, and the finish is chrome plating. The absence of the “BE” manufacturer’s code on this socket might be simply a production accident, but it may also indicate that the early production of these tools was done before the “BE” code had been assigned. A few other “BE”-style sockets have been found without the code marking, but in some cases the sockets were worn or rusty, leaving the possibility that the code had been marked but was no longer readable. This particular example is in excellent condition with very little wear, and the other markings are quite clear.

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Stuart Comments If you buy something through our links, ToolGuyd might earn an affiliate commission. Which is a good mid-level mechanics tool brand? Craftsman Professional tools offered fantastic bang for the buck, and it was often believed that many Craftsman pro tools were relabeled Armstrong tools. This is a question everyone must answer for themselves. It typically also means easier warranty replacement or greater availability and quicker acquisition of new tools. I should point out that, while I often prefer USA-made mechanics tools, quality and functionality are my top priorities.

Jan 23,  · Stanley buys Craftsman brand. Posted By begreen, Jan 5, at I have rarely if ever gone wrong buying Craftsman hand tools and if the tools did fail if was from abuse by me and up until this sale I couldn’t beat the ease of them honoring the guarantee. some dating back to the early ‘s. The Craftsmen brand ones are usually the one.

Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws: Needs a light cleaning, good etch. Three steel plumb bobs inc. Pair plumb bobs inc. Atkins plated steel plumb bob in tin box Picture Dictionary of Tools used in the woodworking and allied trades c. Hard bound book with intact dust jacket, VG. Nearly new book in perfect condition. British Planemakers from book by Goodman. Hard bound with dust jacket, very good overall condition.

Hard bound book in nearly new condition.

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Applying the Ethos of the Craftsman to Our Everyday Lives

C Ratchet Although the Sears catalogs didn’t provide model numbers for the C-series tools, we’ve been able to gather enough examples to build a list of the models. The overall length is 6. The socket is marked with the Craftsman block-letter logo, and features a slanted knurled band around the base.

Saws. Buying antique tools by mail can be fraught with risk, because of all of the hidden problems that tools might have. it is just too deep in the back at the end. The applewood tote has only minor chips. The back was hand polished by a collector years ago and is repatinating nicely. Nicely patinated beech. Craftsman made tools vary.

Grits — The Craftsman Professional screwdrivers are, to use a coworker’s expression, “real average”. The Craftsman Professional combination wrenches — and I’ll include the regular Craftsman deep offset box wrenches, which are fully polished — are very good. The combination wrenches are, um, shall we say “fully faired” at the box-to-shank juncture, and as a result they may not snake into a really tight recess as well as a wrench with a more abrupt is that spelled right?

The Craftsman Professional ratchets are standard Danaher pear-head mechanisms in fully polished bodies with a round shank and a contoured grip, and I consider them to be the good-looking-and-smart kid in that Danaher family. I understand that the Craftsman Professional ratchet body is almost identical with the one used for Danaher’s tool-truck line, Matco, except that obviously the C’man doesn’t have the Matco eagle-in-hex logo on the head. I’m not a big fan of the Danaher oval-head ratchets, but I do own a few and the newer ones do work very well.

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Saturday, April 11, Sargent tools If you have been reading my posts by now you should have some ideas of my favorite tools. Let me now introduced you to the Sargent tools, manufactured between and Another good reference for collectors is the book by David Heckel. This is my coffee stained copy: They too made similar metallic plane based on Stanley designs, but they also came up with some of their unique twist on some design One of my favorite, go to block plane as long been my model with a knuckle cap design.

It is a solid performer which fit in my hand just right.

A. Urgent Hand Drills, Braces, & Bits (Buy these First) Below are my recommendation for types & brands of woodworking hand tools that you will likely need right .

For a woodworker, the joy of a razor-sharp hand plane and the soft curl of wood that rolls up and springs away from the blade as the board is shaped and fitted is both a wonder and a delight. The history of hand tools in America is a fascinating one. Beginning around , industrialization sped up the advancements being made in technology with effects so influential that we still see them today. I still use my Stanley hand-planes, many of which have patents dating to before Tool making before the Civil War was essentially a cottage industry.

Tools were hand-made locally and were most often made for a specific task and customized for the individual craftsman; think clothes before ready-made. After the Civil War and by the start of s, tools started to become mass manufactured and over the next 40 years, many wonderful and excellent hand tools were made.

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Foley Saw Filers Henry Disston started selling his own saws in , operating out of a rented basement in Philadelphia. Despite setbacks during his first decade in business, such as fires and the confiscation of his machinery in a rent dispute, Disston built his company into the largest manufacturer of saws in the world. Disston was an innovative manufacturer and marketer, leading the way with products other companies tried to imitate.

The saws’ consistently high quality kept the company strong for another three generations after Henry Disston’s death. This non-commercial website is intended to be a resource for people interested in Disston handsaws: Here is a link to a page similar to the website that started it all for me.

The Vintage Machinery web site serves as a clearing house for many out of print publications related to vintage machinery and their manufacturers submitted to the site by our members and visitors.

Your wife asks you to install a ceiling fan. Your kid needs her bike fixed. Of course you have the tools to take on these jobs, right? For many younger men these days, owning a well equipped toolbox is something that only their dads do. Often when these men have a project, they have to go to someone else to take care of their handyman needs. But a man should be self-reliant. He should have the tools and know-how to tackle basic projects around the house.

Before You Buy A few things to remember before you head over to the hardware store and go on a shopping spree: Fork over the money for quality tools. These chintzy tools will probably last you a few uses before they snap or break on you. Invest your money in quality, durable tools that will last a lifetime.


Henry Disston and Sons, circa While the exact date of this particular nut is not known, it is the last of the split nut type. However, it does share a number of unique traits with the next medallion, which uses the earliest of the domed nuts which do not require a special screwdriver for tightening. This medallion has a number of unique traits. First, we see the reappearance of the “dot” after the “N” in “Disston”. For the first time since the Henry Disston medallion, the “A” in “Philada” is a smaller case and also has a “dot” following.

Hand planes are tools for shaping wood. They are used to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and smooth the surface of a rough piece of lumber. Planing is also used to produce horizontal, vertical, or inclined flat surfaces on work pieces usually too large for shaping.

Instead of passively consuming and letting things happen to him, the craftsman fashions the world to his liking and proactively shapes and influences it. Ancient philosophers in both the West and the East have used the craftsman as a symbol of he who contributes to his community and as an ensign of humility, self-reliance, and calm industry. When we think of the archetypal craftsman, images of a bearded man clad in a leather apron and rolled-up sleeves, toiling away in his workshop producing beautiful and useful items comes to mind.

Even the work of a father was considered a craft of sorts that required the same care and attention to detail as that of the carpenter. Indeed, the ancient Greeks believed that the values and ethos of craftsmanship were things all should seek to live by. Over time, the ideal of craftsmanship was cordoned off to just the technical arts. Such a shift is a shame, for the principles of craftsmanship truly do apply to every man, whether he makes furniture or crunches numbers.

Below we take a look at how these overarching principles of the traditional craftsman can apply to all areas of your life, no matter your profession. Make sure to explore the links within this article to more fully understand the concepts held within.

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